Apartment Buildings in Riva del Garda (Trento, Italy)

Sistem Costruzioni’s timber building solutions at Riva del Garda in the province of Trento for the construction of two apartment buildings of around 450 m2 each: the buildings are examples of advanced living solutions, where wellness and safety are combined thanks to compliance with the latest antiseismic regulations and the exceptional level of customization offered […]

Multi-storey Apartment Building in Rovereto (Modena, Italy)

This apartment building was created to replace homes that had been structurally damaged in the 2012 earthquake. Composition of the prefabricated Xlam timber apartment building The new building has two storeys in addition to the ground floor. The ground floor features an apartment with private garden, designed to accommodate a disabled person, a multi-purpose resident’s […]

Multi-storey Apartment Building in Camposanto (Modena, Italy)

An 1800 m2 timber apartment block erected in seven months in the period following the earthquake The apartment building in Camposanto (Modena, Italy), erected in just 7 months, was commissioned in order to provide accommodation as quickly as possible to families who had lost their homes in the May 2012 earthquake. Prefabricated timber building for […]