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Choosing to live in a wooden house means to encounter the most extreme performance needs. The wooden building, in accordance with environmental sustainability, ensure earthquake safety, energy efficiency, fire resistance and thermal insulation.

It is a choice that guarantees savings in the long run, through the reduction of costs of heating and air conditioning, with the reduction of the thermal requirement allowed by the wood.

Thanks to the most innovative construction systems, choose a wooden house it allows you to customize your home and adopt original architectural solutions, in the name of eco-sustainability and the environment. The wooden house, too, can be indistinguishable from the aesthetic of a traditional house, keeping the wooden structure hidden under the lining.

The advantages of a timber house

A static house

The wood-based panels are made by gluing between them, pressure, cross-laminated, overlapping of wooden lamellas. They can be used in the creation of walls, wooden floors and roofs .

The crossed arrangement of the slats gives the wooden house a remarkable stability.

An antiseismic house

The prefabricated wooden houses and villas are particularly suitable choice in areas prone to earthquakes .
The structural wood construction, constructed in accordance with the necessary static criteria, is in fact able to absorb the seismic wave thanks to the elasticity and the lightness of the material.

A perfect microclimate thanks to the insulation

The wooden houses offer a healthy environment for those who live here. L ‘ thermal insulation warranted from the wood, which absorbs excess moisture and releases it gradually into the air when it becomes too dry.
This involves the elimination of mold, moisture and bacteria , with particular benefits for those suffering from asthma and allergies.

An house fire resistant

Tests performed on samples of prefabricated wooden houses showed a fire resistance equal to that of traditional houses.

The wooden structure is not in fact never directly exposed to the fire, because the walls are covered with false walls packages, outer coat, ceilings and floors. The heat also penetrates and diffuses very slowly in the wood mass (0.7 mm per minute), and with a speed that decreases with increasing thickness of the charred.

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Sistem Construction offers three trim levels for its timber creations: unfinished , advanced unfinished and turnkey this to allow you to customize your timber house to the smallest detail.

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Una casa non è fatta di sole pareti, c’è molto di più. Sistem Costruzioni può seguirvi anche nella  progettazioni di case in legno ad alto risparmio energetico, per vivere meglio e salvaguardare l’ambiente, oppure può aiutarti a migliorare la tua casa attuale creando nuovi spazi in cui vivere meglio

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