Sistem Costruzioni

Case e edifici in legno dal 1978

Sistem Construction since 1978 operates in the accomplishments of houses and wooden buildings, investing in innovative solutions that ensure the realization of cutting-edge buildings in earthquake safety, durability, reduced fuel consumption, eco-friendly and design freedom.

La soluzione per ripartire

Realizzabile in soli 60 giorni

uSafe is the reliable and cutting-edge solution to restart safely.

It protects people’s health thanks to its technological equipment, promoting correct behavior and communicating the company’s concrete commitment.

Thanks to its modular structure, uSafe requires extremely fast times for its installation and it is equally simple to disassemble once use is finished.

Rivestimenti Facciate

Nuova vita ai tuoi edifici con il legno

Precious and valuable solutions made of wood for facades and external cladding of residential buildings, public places, production contexts and services.

Interventions that make it possible to take advantage of the Ecobonus and other tax benefits, contributing to energy savings and the anti-seismic safety of buildings.

Sistem Costruzioni

La casa in legno ecosostenibile

Sistem Costruzioni creates anti-seismic and eco-sustainable wooden houses starting from any project and for any type of use.
Sistem is also specialized in the construction of large wooden roofs or in the construction of large multi-storey wooden buildings.


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