Coop Estense supermarket – Rovereto (Modena)

The Rovereto Coop designed by Sistem Costruzioni is made entirely of wood to offer excellent responses in terms of thermal insulation and guaranteeing safety and structural strength in the event of new shocks. A reality of excellence designed for the territory. The wooden structure, 400 square meters of sales area, is characterized by a gable […]

Conad Supermercato legno bioedilizia Medicina Bologna Sisitem Costruzioni

Conad supermarket – Medicina (Bologna)

The Conad supermarket chooses wood and embraces the eco-sustainability and green philosophy of Sistem Costruzioni, as well as demonstrating that it places the safety and structural stability guaranteed by glulam technology, a construction system with high anti-seismic properties, in the foreground. The beams are light and flexible, suitable for covering even very large spaces, ideal […]

Copertura in legno lamellare ecosostenibile conad imola sistem costruzioni

Conad supermarket – Imola (Bologna)

The construction system in laminated and solid wood is ideal for giving stability and lightness to a roof of 3,400 square meters. The peculiarities of the glulam and the connections between the various elements make it possible to reach spans of over 30 meters, creating covers of large surfaces without affecting the floor plan of […]

Ipercoop Alleanza 3.0 – Formigine (Modena)

In the area of ​​the former Bonollo distilleries, there is the new Ipercoop Alleanza 3.0, an efficient and sustainable building that is spread over three levels: the basement used as parking lots, the first floor that houses the sales area and the service areas while the second floor is intended for the service for employees […]

Conad supermarket, Massa Finalese (Italy)

Around 40 days after the earthquake of 20 May that made the original Conad supermarket building in Massa Finalese unsafe, the retail cooperative opened a new point of sale located inside a tensile structure in via Montebianco. The inauguration of the new Conad took place in the presence of Vasco Errani, who at the time […]

Coop Supermarket, Maranello (Italy)

A revolutionary point of sale has been created in Maranello, a town renowned for its attention to the urban environment, with a range of solutions including solar panels and LED lights also in the car parks and a large number of features to provide customers with the maximum functionality and practicality. Replacing the original supermarket, […]

Coop Estense Supermarket, Nonantola (Italy)

The Coop Estense outlet in Nonantola has a total surface area of 1,739 m2, of which 1,496 m2 taken up by the sales floor while the remaining space is used for ancillary and service rooms. Sistem Costruzioni handled the construction and installation of the load-bearing timber structures having a total volume of around 200 m3; […]