Coop Estense Supermarket, Nonantola (Italy)

The Coop Estense outlet in Nonantola has a total surface area of 1,739 m2, of which 1,496 m2 taken up by the sales floor while the remaining space is used for ancillary and service rooms.

Sistem Costruzioni handled the construction and installation of the load-bearing timber structures having a total volume of around 200 m3; construction and installation work including the rectangular section load-bearing rafters on the side volumes and roofs with laminated timber arches and secondary structure joists. Erection of the structure was completed in around 30 days.

The central roof was made using main load-bearing perimeter beams in prestressed concrete  and a secondary structure made of arch-shaped laminated timber rafters of rectangular section (30×65), positioned at a centre distance of approximately 2.20 m