Conad supermarket, Massa Finalese (Italy)

Around 40 days after the earthquake of 20 May that made the original Conad supermarket building in Massa Finalese unsafe, the retail cooperative opened a new point of sale located inside a tensile structure in via Montebianco.

The inauguration of the new Conad took place in the presence of Vasco Errani, who at the time was president of the Emilia-Romagna Region and Extraordinary Commissioner for reconstruction, and Massa Finalese’s mayor Fernando Ferioli

The rapid construction of this building was made necessary because following the damage suffered by the original Conad supermarket the only way local residents could purchase their provisions was to travel to bordering municipalities, resulting in significant difficulties in terms of time and convenience that aggravated the problems caused directly by the earthquake.

The new temporary supermarket has a sales floor of 250 m2 that offers a complete assortment in all sectors. The structure is also equipped with adequate heating and air conditioning systems so it can be used in both summer and winter.

Conad wishes to say a special thank you to its members and staff and to local institutions for the invaluable collaboration that resulted in the creation of the temporary structure, and for providing assistance to local citizens and businesses after their harrowing experience with the earthquake.