“Holy Family” Church – Grosseto

The church located in Grosseto boasts a laminated wood roof of 540 square meters. Laminated wood is a construction system that thanks to its expressive potential is well suited to buildings dedicated to religious worship, which require great communication and acoustic and thermal needs that the wooden material is able to satisfy. A durable and […]

Sant’Agostino Church (Ferrara, Italy)

The temporary church of Sant’Agostino is an economical and versatile building that can provide continuous use over the long term. A space with temporary worship functions that will be available for use by the local community once the church activities have returned to the historic building. Composition of the timber church The geometry of the […]

Church in Medolla (Modena, Italy)

The new timber church in Medolla was built to provide the local community with a place of worship in the aftermath of the 2012 earthquake. Because of the long times necessary to repair the earthquake damaged original church, it was decided to replace it with a new timber structure with a high level of flexibility […]

Renazzo Church (Ferrara, Italy)

The design of the church, which was developed to create an alternative place of worship following the structural damage of the historic building caused by the 2012 earthquake, is based on the concepts of modularity, flexibility, versatility, ease of execution and containment of construction and running costs. The project concept builds on the idea of […]