Sant’Agostino Church (Ferrara, Italy)

The temporary church of Sant’Agostino is an economical and versatile building that can provide continuous use over the long term.
A space with temporary worship functions that will be available for use by the local community once the church activities have returned to the historic building.

Composition of the timber church

The geometry of the Sant’Agostino timber building is based on two volumes on a square 20 x 20 m footprint. The two opposing volumes, one of which containing the nave and the other accommodating secondary activities, open out onto a courtyard offering additional hospitality functions. The chapel is illuminated by a large size glazed window. The temporary nature of the building has led to the definition of an unconventional internal layout although it does allow the congregation to gather around the pulpit. It was decided to align the chair, lectern and altar along the same central axis, proposing an architectural design in which a small community is joined together around sacramental geometries.