Hotellerie in Cuba

Working for the construction of the most diverse types of accommodation facilities in the splendid context of the island of Cuba represents an important adventure. It is a challenge that tests and enhances every step that goes from design to execution of the works. At the center of each intervention are the functionality of the […]

Casa Tos – Mirandola (Modena)

Thanks to the flexibility of the frame system we have built a new two-level building in Mirandola (MO) consisting of four residential units with independent entrances. This choice allowed at the same time to obtain an important saving of materials in the construction and to obtain a structure with remarkable anti-seismic characteristics.

Ca ‘Foscari University Student Hall of Venice

Venice always represents a challenge when it comes to creating new works and structures. In few contexts as in that of the lagoon city it is essential to combine great performance of materials and construction techniques with a design of high aesthetic value. This is why we have chosen to create the new housing for […]

C.A.S.E. project – L’Aquila (Italy)

Tomorrow’s home, today. The “Natura” system is the result of painstaking design activities to combine comfort and energy efficiency: it guarantees an exceptional level of thermal insulation on the exterior walls and roof and offers reclaimed energy controlled ventilation systems. “Natura” can reduce annual heating requirements to a little as 10 kWh/m2 and thanks to […]

Il Glicine – Residential Complex in Spezzano di Fiorano (Modena, Italy)

With a load-bearing structure in Xlam timber, the Il Glicine residential complex in Spezzano di Fiorano (Modena, Italy) extends over three storeys and was built by Sistem Costruzioni in a turnkey supply formula. An eco-compatible system in energy class “A” The project is developed in compliance with the Casa Natura system  and it offers an […]