C.A.S.E. project – L’Aquila (Italy)

Tomorrow’s home, today. The “Natura” system is the result of painstaking design activities to combine comfort and energy efficiency: it guarantees an exceptional level of thermal insulation on the exterior walls and roof and offers reclaimed energy controlled ventilation systems. “Natura” can reduce annual heating requirements to a little as 10 kWh/m2 and thanks to the radical reduction of heating and air conditioning costs, it allows rapid amortisation of the purchase cost. Inspired by the most refined design principles, with “Natura”, Sistem Costruzioni combines its consolidated and traditional offering with a way of interpreting living, working and service spaces that complies with the most innovative market demands

Construction flexibility and environmental sustainability to make a new start from timber

Natura makes it possible to create the ideal space for living, meeting, working, studying and relaxing while maintaining perfect harmony with the landscape. The natural landscape can finally penetrate the architectural volume and become an integral part of the structure. This is achieved with the use of large glazed areas to allow visual communication between the interior and the exterior.

Sistem Costruzioni has designed and built 5 apartment blocks for a total of 135 residential units in total, with construction times of less than 80 days. The standard building has a footprint of approximately 12×48 metres, plus the staircases, with a useful floor area of around 1,700 m2, subdivided into apartments of different sizes to provide accommodation for approximately 80 people. The strengths and qualitative parameters of the project lie in its architectural refinement, the quality of materials used, the energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and construction and functional flexibility.

Exclusively natural materials

The Natura system employs exclusively CE certified materials in compliance with the Italian UNI standards connected to Italian legislative decree 311/06 concerning energy efficiency in building construction. It also meets the insulation requirements prescribed by Italian prime ministerial decree 5/12/97. Moreover, it offers a higher level of fire resistance and resistance to seismic activity than that of traditional buildings.