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Post & beam

The backbone of the wooden building

The frame of the timber house – a solid, eco-sustainable and versatile load-bearing structure

The post & beam construction system uses laminated wood columns (vertical members) and beams (horizontal members) to create the building’s load-bearing structure. These loading elements are arranged in such a way as to guarantee total flexibility for the design of the facades and internal partition walls.

The strengths of this construction technology, which is perfect for multi-storey buildings, lie in the freedom for distribution of the interior walls and the facility to reposition them also at a later date, the architectural flexibility in the design of the facades, and the low incidence of cubic metres of timber per square metre of building space.

A timber building with high seismic resistance

The functions of stiffening and bracing to withstand seismic loads are performed by diagonal braces made of timber or steel, or alternatively by column-beam nodes designed as interlocking or semi-interlocking joints.