Innovation, technology, rapid responses to the continual needs for change among its customers and in the market: these are the factors that company management has fused in the DNA of Sistem Costruzioni.

In a constant dialogue with universities, research institutes and professional associations, the company transfers a continuous stream of lifeblood and driving force to its work team, continuing to invest in wood as the construction material of the future.

The Sistem Costruzioni team is articulated in three organisational divisions:

Timber roofs and large-scale structures

We construct large timber buildings for a range of different uses: multi-function buildings including schools, shopping centres, sports halls, places of worship, micro homes and recreational centres.


Timber buildings and homes

We build large size residential structures and detached homes: detached and duplex units, timber villas, multi-storey apartment buildings, extensions and additional storeys.


Timber technologies and interiors

Our experts in renovations and structural extensions take care of the analysis of the interior spaces and the design of works in timber, steel and metal alloys.