Technological Systems

By using renewable energy sources Sistem creates technological systems that combine comfort and energy efficiency.

In timber homes and villas, the use of radiant systems in the form of low temperature heat output terminals makes it possible to obtain the maximum efficiency from generator systems.

Used for both winter heating and summer cooling requirements, radiant solutions of this type maximise the efficiency of the entire technical system.

The characteristics of the systems and their components are in compliance with the legal and regulatory prescriptions in force on the date of presentation of the project, and specifically they comply with:

  1. the related safety prescriptions of CEI (Italian Electrotechnical Committee) standards
  2. the prescriptions and indications of the electricity company
  3. the prescriptions and indications of the telephone network operator and the prescriptions of the fire service and the competent authorities.

In the drive to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency without losing sight of the sustainability of the systems employed and the associated operating costs, versatility, and ease of use, the “turnkey” project offers complete systems with tried and tested solutions capable of guaranteeing the maximum comfort in the interior spaces.

In common applications the use of radiant systems in the form of low temperature heating terminals makes it possible to achieve the maximum efficiency of the generating systems.
These systems are utilised for both heating and cooling and are designed to assure the maximum comfort while simultaneously guaranteeing the maximum efficiency of the system.

The low temperature medium circulates through under-floor coils, creating a comfortable climate in all areas of the home. In heating mode the system functions at up to 30°C, thereby avoiding unhealthy convective air currents (which are a frequent cause of allergic reactions) and also heating the space using average temperatures that are lower than those of alternative systems, thereby reducing energy consumption and also operating costs.
By supplying the coils with chilled water at 15-18°C in cooling mode, the system provides air conditioning in the summer months, creating a naturally comfortable environment in the home. Depending on the activities of the occupants, the characteristics of the building and the thermal inertia of the chosen system, the circuit can be installed under the floor, in the walls or in the ceiling.
Photovoltaic systems are ideal for use in combination with heat pumps for heating and/or cooling and for the production of domestic hot water, with low temperature radiant panels, and with solar thermal systems for low temperature heating and for the production of domestic hot water.