Multi-storey Apartment Building in Camposanto (Modena, Italy)

Antisísmico y eco-sostenibleAnti-seismic and eco-sustainable

An 1800 m2 timber apartment block erected in seven months in the period following the earthquake

The apartment building in Camposanto (Modena, Italy), erected in just 7 months, was commissioned in order to provide accommodation as quickly as possible to families who had lost their homes in the May 2012 earthquake.

Prefabricated timber building for eco-sustainability and antiseismic safety

The overall design of the building was guided by innovative criteria of eco-sustainability, in terms of both energy sustainability and green architecture, and also in terms of structural properties, in compliance with the new antiseismic regulations that have recently come into force.
The construction technology is that of prefabricated timber buildings with Xlam multi-layer panels, which entrusts loading functions and seismic resistance of the system to continuous vertical members. Located in the perimeter walls and in the stairwells, the vertical members provide an open plan layout for the dwellings, with a high level of flexibility thanks also to the use of plasterboard for the interior partition walls.

Energy independence for the apartments in the timber residential block

Each dwelling features energy efficiency class “A” and is heated by radiant panels operating as fan coils also for summer cooling requirements. The building is equipped with a photovoltaic system and solar thermal panels that provide 50% of the necessary domestic hot water.