Residenza Romagnosi 80 – Piacenza

In Piacenza, a new construction in XLAM is nearing completion, the Romagnosi 80 housing complex, the first intervention in the city with certification supervised by the CasaClima protocol. The construction system in XLAM guarantees exceptional energy saving characteristics and a wide architectural adaptability. The construction is in fact located in the heart of the historic […]

Multi-storey building – Rimini

In Rimini we have built a five-storey wooden residential building, with a total area of 700 square meters, using the Xlam system. This technique has allowed us to build a structure with great performances in terms of energy saving and with important anti-seismic characteristics. Xlam: high technology The Xlam system is also at the forefront […]

Casa Dond – Modena

In Modena we have built a private house in Xlam on three levels for a total of 400 square meters. The Xlam system is ideal for building multi-storey buildings, guaranteeing high energy performance and excellent anti-seismic characteristics. The architectural articulation covers the entire surface of the lot, also thanks to external walls that make the […]

Castelnuovo Rangone Eco-Condominium

The Eco-Condominium commissioned by the Castelnuovo Rangone municipal council and Acer Modena is an innovative expression of social housing. The project received the Federcasa 2012 Quality Mark in recognition of its characteristics of eco-sustainability and social integration. The four-storey structure, which is built entirely of Xlam timber panels, offers exceptional levels of seismic resistance and […]