Production plant – Radda in Chianti (Siena)

In Radda in Chianti, in the province of Siena, we have built a new production plant for an important brand in the fashion sector. The work, extending over an area of over 5000 square meters, sees the use of a laminated wood structure and a roof in sandwich panels. This technique has allowed extreme flexibility […]

Magazzino Gran Frutta - Faenza (Ravenna) copertura in legno lamellare di grandi dimensioni

Great Fruit Warehouse – Faenza (Ravenna)

In Faenza, in the province of Ravenna, we have created an innovative industrial warehouse with a laminated wood roof. The surface of 7,500 square meters, dedicated to the storage of goods and logistics, required in particular flexible solutions, which allowed a great design adaptability. The laminated wood has given the ideal answer to this need, […]

Braid warehouse – Finale Emilia (Modena)

In Finale Emilia, in the province of Modena, we created the laminated and matchboard wood roofing of a warehouse damaged by the 2012 earthquake. Glulam is an extremely flexible choice, which allows us to adapt each new solution to existing buildings. Furthermore, its resistance and elasticity give important anti-seismic characteristics to the artifacts. The advantages […]

Ceramic industry warehouse – Finale Emilia

In Finale Emilia, in the province of Modena, we have created an innovative laminated wood warehouse for a ceramic industry. The particular fusion of traditional support elements and the laminated wood roof makes it a light, dynamic and resistant building. Thanks to its characteristics of resistance and versatility, laminated wood can be easily adapted to […]