Expansion of a private house in Legnago (Verona)

Realizing the extension of a private house in a residential context means having to intervene with a tailor-made project, which respects the existing structures and offers a practical and functional solution to the customer’s needs. For this reason, the use of a frame system is the most suitable answer for these needs. Columns and beams […]

edilizia sostenibile ampliamento casa in legno prefabbricata

Extension – Noceto di Parma

When it comes to sustainable construction, one of the most requested interventions in the residential sector is the wooden extension of one’s home: assembly is extremely fast thanks to the use of prefabricated wooden elements which significantly shortens construction times and consequently affects positively also on the costs related to the construction, allowing at the […]

Casa Rosalba – Extension, Modena (Italy)

This extension project adding 80 square metres of floor space was completed in just 15 days.