Conad Supermercato legno bioedilizia Medicina Bologna Sisitem Costruzioni

Conad supermarket – Medicina (Bologna)

The Conad supermarket chooses wood and embraces the eco-sustainability and green philosophy of Sistem Costruzioni, as well as demonstrating that it places the safety and structural stability guaranteed by glulam technology, a construction system with high anti-seismic properties, in the foreground. The beams are light and flexible, suitable for covering even very large spaces, ideal […]

Conad supermarket, Massa Finalese (Italy)

Around 40 days after the earthquake of 20 May that made the original Conad supermarket building in Massa Finalese unsafe, the retail cooperative opened a new point of sale located inside a tensile structure in via Montebianco. The inauguration of the new Conad took place in the presence of Vasco Errani, who at the time […]

Coop Supermarket, Maranello (Italy)

A revolutionary point of sale has been created in Maranello, a town renowned for its attention to the urban environment, with a range of solutions including solar panels and LED lights also in the car parks and a large number of features to provide customers with the maximum functionality and practicality. Replacing the original supermarket, […]