“Casa Insieme” micro homes – San Felice, Modena (Italy)

The “Casa Insieme” micro homes were constructed in the context of an innovative social housing project composed of a structure with timber micro dwellings that are completely antiseismic and eco-sustainable: six apartments of 50 m2 in size, each designed to accommodate a maximum of two people, with communal bathrooms, in constant contact with the local authority’s network of support services. All the micro homes, constructed on the basis of the highest green building and energy saving standards, allow their elderly residents to continue to live in a domestic environment that is monitored and protected and that  provides easy access to planned assistance initiatives and emergency care services. This ensures the residents are accommodated in a domestic space that respects their need for privacy and maintains their independence , while simultaneously bringing improvements to the quality of life, preventing the emergence of problems of isolation and social exclusion and promoting human relationships.

High performance and seismic safety thanks to XLAM technology

In order to build smart residential structures offering high performance, functionality and comfort, the choice was immediately focused on the use of wood as a construction material. Eventually XLAM technology was selected with its multi-layer panels, a choice that led to the minimization of construction time (just 127 work site days). Apart from complying with the need for seismic safety, the choice of timber as the construction material was perfect in order to meet energy saving targets: the building complies with energy class “A”, with a Global Energy Performance Rating for heating and domestic hot water of 4.64 kWh/m3 per year, while annual savings of CO2 emissions are equivalent to 2839 kg.