“I Gelsi” Day care home – Mirandola (Italy)

The “I Gelsi” day care home for senior citizens in Mirandola, commissioned by the Public Service Agencies of the municipalities of Northern Modena following the 2012 earthquake, is an active tool used to implement welfare policies. The structure is composed of a prefabricated timber structure standing in a densely wooded area. “I Gelsi” is part […]

“Casa Insieme” micro homes – San Felice, Modena (Italy)

The “Casa Insieme” micro homes were constructed in the context of an innovative social housing project composed of a structure with timber micro dwellings that are completely antiseismic and eco-sustainable: six apartments of 50 m2 in size, each designed to accommodate a maximum of two people, with communal bathrooms, in constant contact with the local authority’s network of […]