Ville “La Dolce Vita” – Lanzarote

Eco-sustainable architectural project for tourism

The first construction site in the Canaries has been inaugurated in Lanzarote for the construction of a residential complex of 32 buildings, “Villas Dolce Vita”, of bio-architecture with CLT panels.

This is the first real estate complex in the archipelago built entirely through this type of structure, an absolute novelty for both Lanzarote and the Canaries.

“Villas Dolce Vita” is a real estate project consisting of 32 independent duplex type properties with 2 or 3 bedrooms. Each unit has a private garden, internal parking and access to a shared area with swimming pool. The high level of finishes in addition to the exposed wooden beams will give the houses a feeling of warmth and refinement. The completion of the entire complex is scheduled for November 2021.

The Dolce Vita Villas are “green” and sustainable. Sustainable because wood from certified and protected forests is used. Green because the houses are insulated and energy efficient, reducing running costs and limiting carbon dioxide emissions. Waste and processing waste are also minimized, reducing the environmental impact of the construction site.

It should also be added that thanks to the high-performance materials used it is possible to reduce the section of the walls and therefore increase the useful internal surface by about 6%. – Instagram @villasdolcevitalanzarote