Technology Hub – Scientific research centre, Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Sistem Costruzioni participated in the redevelopment project of the Ex Officine Reggiane area which, on the basis of a carefully drafted plan aimed at retaining the historic structure, incorporates innovative construction elements designed to create a dedicated space for applied research and technological knowledge transfer.

Ex Officine Reggiane Area

The Ex Officine Reggiane area is a historic industrial site founded in the early 1900s and specialised in metalworking, especially for the railway sector. Several of the original industrial sheds have been converted into a science hub in the sectors of mechanical engineering, mechatronics and education/training.

Specifically, the 3,500 m2 of Shed 19, which accommodates the laboratories of Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia and Crpa Lab, has been equipped with all-wood free-standing modules with timber frame walls and floors.

The added value of prefabricated timber modules

The entire project called for a series of non-invasive works that can be removed and altered thanks to the use of drywall construction systems capable of protecting the authenticity of the historic surroundings, the structural properties, the construction simplicity/complexity, the nature of the space, the visual perception and development around a clearly organised system in typological and figurative terms.

The inclusion of complex new functions (multi-purpose laboratories, offices, conference rooms and exhibition spaces) was achieved by installing modular and flexible timber-built volumes that are self-sufficient in energy terms and eco-compatible, in an unoccupied area that has been faithfully reclaimed, respecting the history of the site and its architectural legacy.

The factory as a production site of materials has been transformed into a factory of cultural production and research, while conserving the characteristics of the original structure.