Nursery School – Giuliano Teatino (Chieti)

A wooden school built in 60 days after the earthquake

The Municipality of Giuliano Teatino, in the province of Chieti, was one of the places hit by the 2009 Abruzzo earthquake. multipurpose center that housed a new school building.

To combine the desire for a modern, environmentally friendly and eco-sustainable building with the need to build the nursery school in a short time and in full compliance with anti-seismic criteria, it was decided to build a wooden building.

Construction of the building began on August 6 and the school was inaugurated on October 4, after only 60 days.

Establishment of the wooden nursery school and the laminated wood roof

The elevation structure is entirely in wood, made using BBS glued and crossed layered panels, while the roof structure, designed with an original curved pattern to better integrate with the surrounding landscape, is made of curved laminated wood beams.

Sistem Costruzioni, in addition to the execution of the wooden supporting structures, also provided for the subsequent insulation, the construction of the sanitary water system and electrical systems and the assembly of doors and windows with low-emission double glazing, to the roofing package.

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Realizzata in soli 60 giorni