Educational hub, Corporeno – Cento (Ferrara, Italy)

The first non-temporary post-earthquake school in Emilia, entirely made of wood

Inaugurated on 28 October 2012, the Corporeno – Cento educational hub (in the province of Ferrara) is composed of two timber buildings each with two storeys.

The all-timber complex includes the middle school, elementary school, a 300 m2 refectory and a 650 m2 gymnasium.

An all-wood state-of-the-art educational hub completed in 78 days

The complex was handed over 78 days after the plans were completed, ahead of the agreed schedule, thanks to the fast construction times that are possible with timber building construction techniques.

The educational hub includes twenty-four classrooms on two floors plus various spaces for special and school related activities, and it will accommodate up to 700 students.