“I Torrazzi” Information Centre – Modena (Italy)

The Information Centre for the “I Torrazzi” Park in Modena is an all-timber construction with solid-webbed structural members exposed on the interior side, and it called for the use of a total of 156 m3 of timber, of which 137 m3 of Xlam and 19 m3 of laminated wood.

The technical features of the timber building allow the avoidance of 4,470 kg/year of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

This building secured the ANCI “2010 environmental and social sustainability award” for Modena City Council and it was chosen by the Emilia Romagna Sustainable Architecture Observatory Selection Committee as one of the 12 architectural projects in Emilia Romagna offering a tangible interpretation of the concept of sustainability in relation to the environmental, social and energy spheres