Case in legno, bioedilizia ed edifici polifunzionali

Il legno materiale del futuro

Environmental sustainability, earthquake safety, energy efficiency, fire resistance and thermal insulation. These are just some of the advantages of a wooden house, we at Sistem Costruzioni also believe it is beautiful.

Thanks to the innovative construction systems we use, we can allow you to customize your home and adopt all the architectural solutions of a traditional house, adding eco-sustainability and respect for the environment.

The advantages of a wooden house

A static house

Our construction systems give the wooden house considerable stability.

An anti-seismic house

The structural timber building can absorb the seismic wave.

A perfect microclimate

The thermal insulation guaranteed by the wood offers a healthy environment.

A fire resistant house

Fire resistance equal to that of traditional houses.

Chi è Sistem Costruzioni

Azienda Italiana nel Mondo

Sistem Costruzioni creates anti-seismic and eco-sustainable wooden houses starting from any project and for any type of use.
Sistem is also specialized in the construction of large wooden roofs or in the construction of large multi-storey wooden buildings.


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